Podcast No 2

Chengdumusic Podcast No 2 by chengdumusicchina

1. Gang Gang Dance - Chinese High

2. The Subs - Mobius

3. Gogol Bordello - Immigraniada (Bassnectar Remix)

Gogol Bordello are a gypsy punk outfit from Manhattan’s lower east side."Gogol" comes from the name Nikolai Gogol one of the most influential writers in Ukrainian and Russian literature, paving the way for the likes of Kafka and Dostoyevsky. He also serves as an ideological influence for the band because he "smuggled" Ukrainian culture into Russian society, which Gogol Bordello intends to do with Gypsy/ East-European music in the English-speaking world. "Bordello", in Italian, refers to a brothel or "gentleman's club". Bassnectar has been at the forefront of sub bass driven dubstep madness for the last few years and comes highly recommended.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gogol_Bordello

4. Proximity Butterfly - Tiptoes of Shiva

Check out our recent interview, album review and a Back to Ours compilation on the main page.

5. Atlas Sound - Shelia

Taken from the album Logos. Bradford Cox’s solo project sound very similar to Deerhunter. They should do seeing as he’s their main songwriter, as he explains "I'm the main songwriter in Deerhunter and I'm the main songwriter in Atlas Sound. I'm also singing and I'm using the same equipment" “I guess the school of rock version is that the side-project is supposed to be something different and give another angle than the main project. Don't people think Noah [Lennox]'s stuff with Animal Collective sounds a lot like Panda Bear?

"Every fall I want to put out a record because I like listening to records in the fall," he continues. “If someone in the band was having a baby or something [Halcyon Digest] would have been an Atlas Sound album, though I would have approached it a bit differently. The difference between Deerhunter and Atlas Sound has more to do with scheduling than anything else. There are songs that are just Atlas Sound songs and there are songs that are just Deerhunter songs, but Logos could have been a Deerhunter album. If I had to say this album was most like anything I'd say Weird Era Cont."

6. TV on the Radio - Will Do (Switch Remix)

7. The Death Set - "I Miss You Beau Velasco"

One of my favourite tracks from the album Miichel Poiccard. The Death Set have found touring partners and friends in Girl Talk, Bonde Do Role, Spank Rock, Ninjasonik and many more. While The Death Set’s sound is most like that of its punk influencers -- Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Buzzcocks – it also bears the distinct mark of hip-hop and electronic styles in production. The track “I miss you Beau Velasco” was written for one of the band’s founding members who sadly died recently from a drug overdose.

source : http://ninjatune.net/us/artist/the-death-set/the-death-set

8. Dirty Projectors - Useful Chamber

Useful chamber was taken from the album Bitte Orca. The album was one of the surprises of 2009 and was listed at Number 2 in pitchfork’s top 50 list, sandwiched between Animal Collective and the XX. Have a listen to it to find out just why it was so highly rated.

9. Shabazz Palaces - Swerve...the Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)

10. Das Racist - Rooftop

Joke rap or the urgent new voice of rap? Das Racist started attracting attention when a track called Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell became an Internet hit. Some people thought the song was stupid, others thought it was a satirical take on repetitive lyrics in the rap genre. They answered their critics with two superb mixtapes in 2010, Shut Up, Dude & Sit Down, Man. Their first non-free album titled Relax, is due to hit the shops on September 13th.

More reading - http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/oct/09/das-racist-hip-hop
+ http://www.villagevoice.com/2010-01-19/music/das-racist-thanks-internet

11. Battles - Sundome (Featuring Yamantaka Eye)

12. Guest Podcast mix by The Yo Mo Fo Djs