Back to Ours No 3

Back to ours is a series of mixtapes usually (though not always) mixed by Chengdu locals and are based on a personal choice of what the compiler would stick on the stereo at home after a night out rather than as part of dance music session.

Back to Ours No3 compiled by Dj Thomas (UK)

1. Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

Kicking off with some 90s hip hop. This group was one of the earliest hip hop bands I got into as a teenager mainly because their albums were widely available at the public libraries of the time. Features abundant grunting courtesy of Busta Rhymes.

2. Wu-Tang Clan - As High as Wu-Tang Get

Off the second Wu album and probably the track that got me into the group due to the interesting bass line. Strongly reminds me of playing Golden Eye.

3. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger

Excellent track, but 'Blahzay Blahzay' did nothing else of any note which was disappointing.

4. The Dramatics - Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

Mellow soul from a classic soul outfit

5. Mick Jagger - Memo From Turner

Bit of a switch to country rock. By Mick Jagger off a film soundtrack starring Mick Jagger. Personally I thinks its better than the Stones' version, in fact, better than any Stones' track. Not sure what the lyrics “He licks policemen's buttons clean” mean

6. Freddi & Henchi & the Soulsetters - Funky to the Bone

Guitars, a break and a shout along chorus that consists of four words.

7. The Bamboos - Typhoon

The funk scene in Australia has been great for the past few years and one of the best bands to emerge are these guys.

8. Syl Johnson - Different Strokes

Great soul/funk track featuring a famous sample utilized by the Wu Tang Clan to great effect and to much lesser effect by UK 90s pop-star extraordinaire 'Louise'.

9. TSU Tornadoes - Getting the Corners

Being a second rate 'Archie Bell and the Drells' is far preferable to being UK 90s pop-star extraordinaire 'Louise'.

10. Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet

'Soul Jazz Records' always releases awesome compilations. Even the techno stuff is intriguing and I tend to shy away from anything stronger than a bit of 'Kraftwerk'. The soul and funk releases are superb especially “Saturday Night Fish Fry” where this track is taken from. Its nowhere near the best track of the compilation though.

11. Ronnie Burns - Exit Stage Right

On to garage. Not the tinny DnB aberration from 2000-2001, but the 60s rock stuff. I love this genre and always play some when djing despite the vast majority of people in Chengdu not liking it because its not shiny sounding. Well... on a few occasions garage rock has gone down well.

12. The Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

The whole of this song is excellent.

13. The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time

Same as above.

14. The Artwoods - Oh My Love

Not sure if this a good song or not but I like the heavy wall-of-piano sound. Again from the 60s.

15. The Turtles - Buzzsaw

A lesser known instrumental from the classic band who did more hit songs then you think. The slow paced deep growling bass, surf guitar style backing singing and manic Hammond organ makes you wish this track wasn't so short.

16. Big Sandy - Have Love, Will Travel

Made famous by 'The Sonics', not sure if it the original doowop version but pretty irresistible nevertheless.

17. Roy Montrell - That Mellow Saxophone

Rhythm and blues that makes anyone without stinky ears jump up and down.

18. Wayne Hancock - Miller, Jack and Mad Dog

Another contemporary artist making timeless music. This rockabilly song is an instant classic and wisely expounds the dangers of mixing drinks and then driving a hotrod really fast.

19. The Ink Spots (With Ella Fitzgerald) - Cow Cow Boogie

Far back in time now with the 'Ink Spots'. This band is so excellent that all their songs start exactly the same and it doesn't matter. Ella is, as usual, fantastic and the whole thing is a marvel for the ears.

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