Back to Ours No 2

Back to Ours 2 - Compiled by Rob (Proximity Butterfly) by chengdumusicians

Back to ours is a series of mixtapes usually (though not always) mixed by Chengdu locals and are based on a personal choice of what the compiler would stick on the stereo at home after a night out rather than as part of dance music session.

Back to Ours No2 compiled by Rob (Proximity Butterfly)

1. Sick Boy by GBH
This is the first song I ever learned how to play. Of course, the great rhythm put forth by Colin Blyth took a lot of practice...but the feeling isnt hard to capture when you are a little 13 year old deviant like I was, and still am, by some extent.

2. Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag
Its the tone of that guitar......fucking killer. Greg Ginn is still one of my favourite guitarists of all time, because he was all mood.....feeling came before ability.

3. In My Eyes by Minor Threat
Speed kills! These guys were teenagers when they recorded this.

4. Lie Detector by Dead Kennedys
Bar none, one of the greatest bands ever. The compositions of these songs...the prophetic lyrics. The fact that they dont have a single bad song.

5. Pittsburgh to Lebanon by Butthole Surfers
The kings of American underground rock/punk/psychedelia. Paul Leary is truly a great player.....again...its all about feel. Listen to that My high school band attempted this song. We got thrown out of the club because the moshers broke a chandelier. My first gig ever....

6 & 7. Harriet's in the Corridor & Bridge Under Troubled Water by Chachi On Acid.
I was lucky enough to join this group in 1997 and record an album and some EPs, and write some music. Not to mention play gigs where anything goes, and usually went. If you are in Southern Ontario, and get to asking the little punk kids who Chachi on Acid are, you may be regaled with stores of the shenanigans these guys pulled off during their long and storied tenure of 'that little infamous band from the country'.

8. A Child and his Lawnmower by Dead Kennedys.
Raw hardcore punk, hilarious topic. Hilarious execution.

9. Hammer Blues by Charley Patton. Delta blues is music in its purest form.

10. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues by Skip James. The ghostly voice gives you chills.

11. Stagger Lee by Mississippi John Hurt

12. Gallis Pole by Leadbelly .
Heard this tune somewhere before?

13. Bits and Pieces by the Dave Clark 5
What the hell is this doing here? My mother had a Dave Clark record, and she used to put it on for us to jump around to. This song was the first tune on that record. I still remember dancing around to this bubblegum stuff as a 4 year old. Still a place in my heart for this band. Always thought they did a better job than the Beatles. Strange, eh? Give me 'Catch us if You Can' and 'Glad all Over' over 'Help' and 'Love me Do' any day. Its almost too funny to think what if there was a hippie incarnation of the Dave Clark 5.

14. The Green Manalishi by Fleetwood Mac.
People forget about the pre-Stevie Nicks era of this group. Peter Green sings and plays guitar on this, his last single with Fleetwood Mac before his schizophrenia began to force him out of music. Peter Green is one of my heroes.

15. X-ray Mind by Mad Season
Ok...this is mainstream stuff. But I put in on here because I love the album ('Above') so much. I think its one of the best produced American albums of the 1990's. So powerful....reminds me of Led Zeppelin on how perfectly executed it is. Not a single second of misused space on the entire record. When you crank this song up, it makes your teeth grind away by themselves.

16 From Beyond by Sleep
Has my all time favourite intro. you can just feel that its gonna get loud. You know the guitar is a Les Paul with the guitar volume knob turned down....and its gonna get fucking LOUD. The drums tell a story....listen carefully.

17 Shevil by The Melvins.
Great production. Awesome mood captured by the chorus effect of the guitar and the trappy snare drum, and the 'piano down the hall'. With the Melvins, you never know what will come next.

18 The Time of the Beasts by Neurosis
Heavy, yet chilling. Check out their entire catalogue. Awesome at every turn.

19 Shallow by Gouge.
My college band. Sorry about the crappy recording.

20. Oxygen Thief by Gouge
A demo track for a label. Pity we broke up before we could really set down to record our band properly. Good songs......This one was written by yours truly.

21 and 22. Nutbutter and WIPIRev1 by The Underdubs.
Another band I was in. Funk/Jam outfit. Great fun. The tracks are improvised.