Back to Ours #1

Tc-Back to Ours by chengdumusicdotcom

Back to ours is a series of mixtapes usually (though not always) mixed by Chengdu locals and are based on a personal choice of what the compiler would stick on the stereo at home after a night out rather than as part of dance music session.

Back to Ours #1 compiled by T C.

Owner of the award winning Leg and Whistle bar

1.Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Dub Syndicate- On the Wire
The original upsetter and dub reggae genius/madman. Sit back, relax,make yerself comfortable

2.Blackstone & Atari - Bang Bang (Overture)
Hanzo Steel remixes from the movie Kill Bill -'Because I need no thanks for killing scum'

3.The Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth remix)
Happy memories of wild camping at Ribblehead viaduct - under the stars and above the potholes and mushrooms. Cos we're ravers not cavers!

4.Curtis Mayfield - Pusher Man
From the soundtrack to’ Superfly’ from a funk and soul pioneer.

5.Saint Etienne - Only Love can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherallmix of two halves)
Their first single and a cover of the Neil Young track with a great Weatherall mix . Beautiful - because only love can break your heart

6.Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk to Fuck
A lounge version of the Dead Kennedys punk classic from back in the day. Too drunk to fuck ?? Yeah sometimes....

7.Happy Mondays - Bob's yer Uncle
Pills thrills and bellyaches from the mad Mancs. One of the best and worst bands I've ever seen! Nowadays Shaun has cleaned up his act and is a bit of a TV celeb. Bez is probably still dancin!

8.Booker T and the MG's - Green Onions
One of the first singles I bought after watching Quadrophenia .Very mod - A soul classic from the stax label

9.Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Rankin
And one my big sis always used to play

10.Death in Vegas - Hands Around Your Throat (remix)
Originally called Dead Elvis but forced to change their name after complaints from the Elvis Presley estate. S&M erotica electronica.

11. Primal Scream featuring Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning (TLS remix)
The lovely Miss Moss, an English cultural icon with a nose for the good things in life. Just add the ’Screamadelica’ boys and Two Lone Swordsmen for a perfect after-hours party

12. David Holmes- Gritty Shaker
With vocals recorded on minidisc from the streets of New York, this is from Holmers classic ‘Lets get Killed’ album. Once saw him empty a tent at Creamfields at 5 in the morning – class!

13. The Clash - Stay Free
The best Clash song not sung by Joe Strummer (RIP) . Mick Jones sings this punk classic about misspent youth.

14. Julian Cope-The Greatness and Perfection of Love
Poor old Julian just can’t cope when the Teardrop Explodes! A big favourite of the Ritherham caravan days, this reminds me of watching the sun come up while on a camping trip-trip.

15. Gary Clail and the On U Sound System - Two Thieves and a Liar
On U sound records home of Gary Clail, On U Sound system , Dub Syndicate, Adrian Sherwood and many more. Punky dub reggae with attitude –takes me back to the days of Beanfeast chilli and tuna surprise

16. William Orbit - Water from a Vine Leaf (remix)
Lush, dreamy, heaven! A chillout classic from Mr Orbit and Beth Orton.

17.Sabres of Paradise - Smokebelch 2
And last but by no means least - an end of the night clubbing track that still sends a shiver down my spine. From that Andrew Weatherall fella again. Pure class (A)