Wednesday's Trip

Genre:  Ambient Electronic Hip-hop Indefinable

Formed in Beijing in 2001 and signed to the most influential Chinese indie label Modernsky in 2003, Wednesday's Trip was known as the first Trip-hop band in China. Two years later they issued the debut album "Secret Mission" and were nominated the Best New Band of the Year by the Pepsi Music Charts Awards. Soon afterwards the band stopped when the front-woman Wu Zhuoling moved to Tibet. In 2012, Wednesday's Trip revived as Wu returned to the music scene and teamed up with bass player Huang Jiyang, drummer Huang Jin and DJ Fly. The EP "Five Elements" was released in 2012 (nominated as the Best Electronic Record of the Year) and their live shows revealed an unexpected genre change and unique livetronic performing style. Their appearance on stages of music festivals and live-houses in numerous Chinese cities created impact within the audience and received widespread acclaim.

From trip hop to ambient and downtempo, from breakbeat to deep house and dubstep, various elements are mixed with exquisite melody and story-telling lyrics that endow their music a mystic and surrealistic character with the touch of both ethnicity and modernity.



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2005 Secret Mission (studio album) 2011 Five Elements EP