We Love Life

This will be your first trip to China, why are you touring Asia?

We know that we have many listeners in Asia and we would love to start touring more in this part of the world. We heard a lot of good things about Chinese audiences and great  atmospheres so we really looking forward to coming, experiencing the country and seeing what's going on. We hope we will meet lots of new people and build up something from the start.


The band has toured a lot after releasing your 3rd album, do you feel things are changing for you now in Europe?

Yes, the last album had a great impact but not just because of the album itself, we feel that the release was promoting us as an established band more as a whole and not just a new record. We have a lot of new partners and things are starting to happen for us in North America now so we are hoping we have a really nice year ahead of us!


Swedish postrock bands have a big following in China. Do you think Swedish postrock bands have something typically Swedish?

Maybe? There has to be something that piles us together... I think many Swedish postrock bands capture a feeling of anxiety and melancholia that is rare among other bands. Maybe it's because of our cold climate and social culture haha. Actually we have a very close relationship with Swedish band P.G Lost, they’ve been good friends for many years and have helped us make the last two albums. The band EF are also very good friends of ours, we share studios and record labels…maybe this helps ..


You feel that the band has created an own sound with the new album “In Passage”?

Not necessarily created but I would say that we have developed our own sound for sure. We never felt this "home" before with any album and I believe the group shares a really creative atmosphere nowadays. We really feel comfortable with ourselves and the songwriting just keeps on getting better.


Why did you name the new album ‘In Passage”?

The album is very much inspired by the "room" of water; the ocean, the endless adventure and the stories from the blue. We also felt it was a good title for the progress of writing the album and the band as a whole - an expedition on route forward.


We’ve seen your video for the song “On Wide Shoulders” What’s the story behind the video?

My twinbrother Per was a part of an expedition where a tall sailing ship, a 18th century model rebuilt, sailed from Sweden to China and back. 250 years ago exactly these kind of ships sailed to China to trade goods and the people who started this project wanted to make it happen again. It was a great adventure and our music was a part of many videos and filmed material from this voyage. A photographer who we know was a part of the expedition for 2 years and we collected and edited some of the filmed material together with him, to create a greater impression of our music. We like to bring more filmed material of this trip as projected visuals on our backdrop on stage while playing a concert, and we hope to bring that for China as well!


You guys have a song on the album “They’ll come, they come” called “Panda”. You planning a little trip to see the panda’s in Chengdu?

That would be just lovely! If we have time, thats a must see...


Started practising your Chinese already?

Haha, we know how to say "Hi" "China" and "Sweden". We look forward to meet new people that can teach us some more!


See you guys in Chengdu!

Really looking forward to coming. Many thanks for having us!



Emmanu El play Chengdu's Little Bar on Saturday February 18th. Check their website here and find them on Douban by clicking here