Wang Wen - Vinyl and Touring

You've just released your 7th studio album “0.7”, how is it different to the previous records?

The main difference with this album is that the emotions and ways of expression are more diverse, we don’t want to make the same album over again.


Your new album just came out on Weary Bird after having released your previous albums by yourself. Why did you choose a different label this time?

The main reason is due to a lack of energy from members of the band with regard to production so we decided to let Weary Bird handle the production.

The mastering was done in Canada by Greymarket mastering, why not master the album in China?

The audio tape of the previous Wang Wen record was also mastered by them. It was a great collaboration, so we wanted to continue working with them to do the new album. Their studio is very great and the price is alright, a lot of Canadian indie bands do their mastering in that place.


The “0.7” record is out on vinyl as well, do you think Chinese bands should release everything on vinyl too? Vinyl nowadays is considered a collectors piece and its definitely more artistic. More and more Chinese people are collecting vinyl so yes, its good that more bands press releases on vinyl these days.


Wang Wen are considered as the first band to play instrumental / postrock in China. What made you start playing this kind of music?

Haha, it seems Wang Wen is an old band, at first Wang Wen was the same like most of other Chinese bands, all trying to copy Nirvana. But we felt more and more bad about writing lyrics, so we just simply started playing music without vocals.


Plenty of Chinese bands choose to go and live in Beijing. What makes the band stay in Dalian?

Life in Dalian is much more easy and life is probably better. Also because everybody is so used to this place, all are dear friend and family are here.


Wang Wen played in Chengdu several times, what is your strongest memory of Chengdu?

We have a lot of great friends in Chengdu, my strongest feeling about Chengdu is that life is so nice and relexed. Everybody just know how to enjoy life!


2011 was a busy year for Wang Wen doing shows all over the country, doing festivals and playing support for Mogwai. What’s the plan after this 10 city China tour?

After this 10 city tour we keep on playing and we will tour the South, places like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Taiwan!



Wang Wen will play Little Bar on Saturday 30th of July as part of their upcoming Chinese tour. Doors open 8pm. 




Wang Wen - Vinyl and Touring |


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