Wang Wen Chengdu Music Interview

The new Wang Wen album “Eight Horses” embarks the 15th
anniversary of the band. What’s the difference in China now
compared to 15 years ago?

We are all 15 years older. Even though we’ve done so much
with the band, it still feels like we've been blessed. When I
look around at the surroundings these days I cant believe how
much things have changed and that’s the thing living in China,
no other place changes as fast this and we learn to accept it.

Do you think it’s still important for bands to release new

It’s obvious that the last few years bands sell much less cd’s.
There are a lot of reasons for that. I think the main reason is
platforms for music changed that caused the record industry
a lot of money. A lot of bands just want to put out their stuff
as soon as possible and will release EP’s and will go and
start touring. Because right now touring is probably the only
way to make money, so for a lot of bands putting out records
and invest a lot of money in it without getting something back
gets more difficult. I guess the newer bands are smart when it
comes to economics, so they will care more about money and
less about their actual records. For Wang Wen, all of us still
think it’s important to bring out a new record every 2 years.
That’s what a band should do, otherwise we could go home
and sell sweet potatoes.

Why did Wang Wen choose to record the album in the Echo
library instead of a recording studio?

Recording in the Echo Library was so much different, you can
only know it once you have been there. Maybe we will turn the
place into a recording studio. We were very happy with the result.

Eight Horses is produced by 4 different people. Did working
with different persons had much influence on the band?

These 4 producers are people that we know and respect, and
we all know what the they are capable off, because our songs
on this record are very different from each other, we choose the
right producer for the right song. We are very pleased with their
work and think all of them are very professional.

Different from previous albums is the addition of vocals and trumpet
on the album, how did this come about?

Different approaches will make the creation of music more
interesting for us and will make the process of creating music
more fun. None of us wants to repeat ourselves. This time we
added vocals and trumpet, for next album we are already
thinking about adding cello and the sounds of frogs. If you
don’t believe that, just wait and see.

Wang Wen is one of the few Chinese bands that played outside
China several times. How was the reception of Wang Wen
outside China?

The first time we played in Europe was in 2008, really great!
We played in this punk bar in Germany, basically a squad and
played in London. The people were very great, they listened very
carefully to our songs and were very enthusiastic about our music.
In 2012 we went to Europe for the second time, this time it was
our label New Noise that planned everything very well, promotion
for the shows was also done very good. We played shows with
MONO and Pg.lost, which was great! In 2013 we played in Russia,
we had the feeling that the Russians didn’t really like to drink,
they were a pretty boring crowd, not as we would have expected
them, drunk on vodka.

What do you hope to achieve with the band?

I hope that with Wang Wen every two years we can still release
an album and go on tour and more people will be able to listen to
our music.

Wang Wen will play MINI live on September 6 in Chengdu.
What can we expect of the new show?

We really like Little Bar where we used to play, but because we
added a trumpet player, right now we are 6 people on stage, this
would be too much to be on the small stage, that’s why we will
go to MINI live. New Noise already arranged that our sound technician
could go to the venue and make sure everything is good. We hope
we can have a great show!

Anything looking forward to in Chengdu?

This time we won’t eat chuanchuan, we won’t eat hot pot, we won’t
eat rabbit head. Looking forward to eat some small noodles
and chaoshou!