Stealing the Show


In 2012 Stolen did a bunch of shows, what’s your best memory of performing live this year?

Probably our two shows at the Midi festival this year. We were the first band to play that day and there weren’t that many people but it really changed us and gave us a great feeling. We don’t really get that much chance to play outside Chengdu, especially the bigger shows, so we don’t know what people outside Chengdu think about our music. Even without a big crowd it still gave us a great feeling about our songs and performing on a big stage. 

You guys don’t have that many shows outside Chengdu, want to do a whole China tour?

We don’t have that many shows outside Chengdu and when we do, most of them are shows with other bands. We really hope more people can have the chance to listen to our music and we'd love to play in different cities. This is something that every band must do, you really have to explore new areas to get a different mindset and feeling about music which helps inspire us whenn writing new songs. We'd really like to do this because it’s a great thing to tour!

Stolen's music sounds pretty international but most of the songs are in Chinese. Ever considered writing lyrics in English?

The lyrics are important for our band and we are aware of this. To be honest, I’m not that satisfied with the lyrics written so far as I’m not that good at expressing myself and putting my emotions and deeper thoughts into my lyrics. I really want to change that, but I think it just might take some time to get better. I don’t really care whether I'm singing in Chinese or English, maybe when my English improves I start writing more songs in English. I also believe singing in English could expand and help my own melodies for singing. 

What music do the members of Stolen listen to these days?

We listen to many different kinds of music but we all have quite similar tastes: joy divison, the cure, kraftwerk, radiohead, foals, sonic youth, the chemical brothers, gang of four and many others. Too many。Also like much darker music, it’s nice to express dark feelings through rock music, haha like some kind of human paranoid. 

Stolen is not signed to any record label as yet, any plans of releasing a new album?

There were actually plans for recording an album, but in the end we’ve didn't do it as we really want to be happy with the results and we weren’t completely satisfied with all the songs. How to say, we would like to release an album that really is a whole, with song structures, with the emotions and mindset just right, not just simply releasing a 10 song cd. We are working on it as we speak, but it’s not easy (smiles).

The band is participating in a Converse event that gives smaller bands the opportunity to record an album abroad, would you like to go to another country to record an album?

That would be our dream. We are aware that our music probably still lacks enough power to break through abroad, but if we have the chance we would definitely take it! It could give new direction to the band, it could be a way to introduce our band abroad, it would be hard work but it’s really something we would like to achieve. We believe in rock music and the power of it, so let’s just hope!

What feeling would you like to give the people that are coming to the Little bar show on Friday?

Hope the people will discover our new songs and like them, easy as that! We are still a young band, we want to really push it and (re)discover ourselves. That’s a good feeling. Sometimes changes can be good or bad, but we don’t want to do the same all the time. 

You once said that playing a headlining show in the Little Bar was a 5 year old dream, what other dreams you have?

We just have too many dreams!! Releasing an album, going on tour, signing to a record label, going abroad and playing shows, probably the same dreams as every other band has at the beginning. These are all small dreams and it’s only ourselves that can make them come true. Our biggest dream for now is that we can just do our best in writing good music, hopefully the smaller ones will come along soon!



Stolen play the New Little Bar this coming Friday 12th October . Tickets are 40rmb and the doors open at 8pm.