Music for the Gods

Mono will present their new album, the follow up for the highly acclaimed “Hymn to the Immortal Wind” on Saturday August 18 in the East Music Park in Chengdu. Tipped to be making “music for the Gods” the four piece instrumental band, formed in Tokyo in 1999, have now released 5 studio albums. Primarily a live band their live shows feature intense and emotional stage performances using extreme dynamics in their attempt to create an "unforgettable" live performance. After presenting their new album at the Fuji Rock Festival in August 2012, little old Chengdu is next in line! We catch up with Mono's Takaakira "Taka" Goto to talk about his inspiration for the new album.

MONO just released their new album “For My Parents”. What inspired you to write this record?

The story behind our new album, For My Parents, is this: We all eventually lose the thing that made us. It's the way of nature. I was inspired by the idea of a young boy spending a lifetime growing out of his childish ways, and learning how to embrace his parents as they became elderly and frail. Even when their bodies perish, they live on in the life of their child. So we hope that this song serves as a gift from child to parent.  While everything else changes, this love remains a constant throughout time.After years of exploring, searching ourselves, and composing pieces, we found ourselves with more questions than answers. When we could not find these answers in the outside world, we were bound to turn inward. And so we went back to our roots. The new album For My parents" is something we wanted to do while we still have the chance.  Also Johann Wolfgang von Goethe expressed that the strongest mind does not fight tragedy or sadness. Instead, it embraces it and lets it run its course.  I wanted to make an album that resonates with these words.

For My Parents was recorded in a church, did that had any influence on the album? 


The studio of Henry has a special atmosphere and is a very spiritual place. We used analog tape and an old vintage mixer so it made the sounds really soulful. Then we brought multi separate tracks to our longtime friend Fred Weaver to mix in Pennsylvania. Finally, Bob Weston from Shellac did the mastering. We are so very thankful to all of them and are very happy with new album.

The new album sounds like a massive soundtrack for the end of times. Would you ever consider of doing movie music?

Actually we are creating the album as if it were a film. I think it takes a similar process for story and emotion. So we'll always be open to doing soundtracks for great films that we can connect to.

MONO is well known for its live shows, what would your dream location to put up a show look like?  

We would like to tour with an orchestra all over the world. So far we've only played in NY. London, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Japan.


You just played the Fuji rock festival with the Holy Ground Orchestra how was that?


It was very heavenly and peaceful. While on stage, I felt as if we were in harmony with the sky, sun, mountains, our orchestra, and the fantastic crowd.  There was a strong hopeful energy circulating the crowds at the festival.


The band played China before and now choose to play 5 different cities all over the country. What made you to do this trip?  


The Chinese fans are always so kind and welcoming to us.  We are very excited to play in Chengdu this time. We just want to say thank you for supporting us in your country and hope to meet all of you again very soon.


Thank you, Takaakira "Taka" Goto



MONO will play in the East Music Park in Chengdu on Saturday August 18. We reckon this'll be one of the biggest shows from a live band that Chengdu has ever witnessed. Grab your tickets from the following ticket outlets: Old Little Bar, New Little Bar, Machu Picchu & Xiongmao. For those of you with a Taobao account, here's the link to buy your tickets. See you there!!