The Loose Cannons Interview

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Chengdumusic meets up with Lord Fader of The Loose Cannons ahead of their gig at xiong mao.
CM: Is this your fist time in China?
LF: Yes, it is.
CM: How are you enjoying it so far?
LF: Loving it! China is my new favourite place in the world.
CM: We know you play in a band as well as DJ. Is there one that you prefer? 
LF: DJing is a lot less work for rehearsing and practicing and travelling with instruments and having other people be there on time and stuff but for the half an hour or so you're actually performing on stage it's great to be doing something live but DJing means you get to go to more places around the world. So we love them both for different reasons, I guess.

CM: What about the creative differences?

LF: Well, we produce as well as DJ so the creative difference is that in our band we play rock music and when we DJ we play dance music. Its nice when you listen to your ipod on shuffle to hear different types of music. The same way its nice to produce different kinds of music at different times, so yeah I enjoy them both but it depends whether you're in the mood to dance or rock out (laughs).

CM: You've played at a lot of big clubs and festivals, is there any that stands out as a special gig? 

LF: Field Day festival in Sydney was pretty special cause its just so hot and sunny and the Australian crowds go mad for it. They were pretty good. Glastonbury Festival in the UK because that is possibly the biggest one, the most famous one, in our home country and playing there when people sing back the words to your songs to you...brings a tear to the eye (laughs)

CM: How do you balance studio time and gigs? 

LF: Gigs are just generally, unless we're on tour in another country, a Friday or Saturday night mostly in the UK, and so the studio is just everyday. That's like our 9 to 5 job in the week. I say office job.

CM: Do you have any new material in the pipeline? 

LF: Massive pipe full of juicy material (laughs) Yes, we have a new Lego Johnson rock album with the band that we are currently working with Tommy Lee from Motley Crue on,and we also have a Loose Cannons deep house / new disco album of club music that we're finishing at the moment.

CM: What can our readers expect from your show? 

LF: They can expect the best, freshest, banging bassline and grizzly electro joy as well as the most enthusiastic presentation of such tunes they will see this side of the Yangxi (laughs).

 The Loose Cannons will be palying at Xiong Mao on Saturday 30th June.