He Bangs the Drum

CM: ASIWYFA toured a lot in recent years? What your best tour memory?

Yes, we have done quite extensive touring over the past few years in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Russia and North America. My best tour memory is maybe the time when we supported 'Them Crooked Vultures' on European and UK shows. We all grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Nirvana so to get to share a stage with members of those bands was an incredible experience. And on a personal level it was a great honour for me to meet and share a stage with Dave Grohl as he was a huge influence on me starting to play drums.
CM: First time ASIWYFA plays Asia… Any expectations?

As we have never played in Asia before we're just really excited to have the opportunity to come over and play to new people. It's one of the best sides to being in a band to play to a brand new crowd and try and build more fans of our music. And hopefully if the tour goes well we will be able to keep coming back to Asia.
CM: Touring buddies maybeshewill just came down to Asia, did they had anything to tell you guys?

Unfortunately we have just got back from a long American tour and haven't had a chance to ask them how their experience of Asia was yet. We have huge love and respect for Maybeshewill as their great music takes them all over the world and we have known them for many years. Hopefully they can give us some tourism tips for our time over in Asia.


CM:The band only released two albums, what to expect from the new album?
As a band, we always trying to progress with our songwriting as we like to push our abilities as musicians. We'd like to think our next album would be another progression, perhaps making use of different instrumentation and maybe experiment with more vocal elements.

CM: Does living in Ireland have any influence on the way the band sounds?

Some people say they hear traditional Irish music sounds in our music, and although we don't consciously use this type of style in our song writing, it perhaps comes through in a subliminal way. We grew up hearing music our parents listened to which included traditional Irish music.

In recent times there has been a real resurgence of great Irish music and a lot of our friends bands are making great music at the music and their enthusiasm and creativity is definitely an influence.

CM:What bands can you recommend for us?

There are a lot of great bands coming out of Ireland at the minute such as Axis Of, Eaten by Bears and Adebisi Shank. They are all exciting bands who are creating unique forms of music and their live performances are incredible.

CM: Anything planned in Chengdu yet?

On a lot of tours we do we don't have a lot of time to explore the cities which we play in, but on this Asian tour we will have some days off to take advantage of sightseeing and taking in the culture. We've heard that there is beautiful scenery around Chengdu such as the Yellow Dragon Valley so I hope we have time to see places like this.



And So I Watch You From Afar play Chengdu's New Little Bar on this Saturday 11th August 2012. Tickets are 40rmb on the door. See you there!