Flying High

Hi Guys. Sparrow is about to take off on it’s 2012 China tour, what cities are scheduled?

The tour will start in Hong Kong, we will play Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu. We will also do a special show in our hometown Beijing after the tour.

Sparrow released it’s first EP in 2010, what’s different with the new album?

Compared to our first EP, this new mini album is more harsh, capturing more emotions and personal expressions.

The title for the new album is “Rainbow Mountain”, where does the name come from?

It comes from a picture. This picture has absolutely mindblowing landscapes and a beautiful house on it. When we were talking about the picture, a friend of us told me the place of this picture should be called “Rainbow Mountain”. We all liked the feeling and it is definitely a place where we want to go, so we just decided to call our new album after this place, Rainbow Mountain.

The band is strongly influenced by Japanese postrock bands, do you think music should sound international?

It's true, we are doing are best to get rid of any restrictions in musical style, whether are not we are influenced by Japanese bands or international bands is not important. We care if our music sound nice.

How do you want Sparrow to grow as a band, any plans made?

To be frank, we haven’t really thought it through. Sparrow has it’s own life, so it also has it’s own destiny, which makes it impossible to predict what will happen with the band. After the end of this tour we really want to work on new songs and create new melodies and just create better music. If possible we want to release something in 2013.

What’s your view on today’s music scene in China?

The environment is getting better and better, we are hoping that more people will have their own thoughts about music and not only go with mainstream stuff. We hope that people will get inspired by upcoming bands in China.

Do you think postrock bands fit in at big festivals?

Of course they do! There was a day I saw Wang Wen playing a big festival, their show really touched me, very beautiful show. We are also looking at live video’s from foreign postrock bands on the internet and we think a lot of them are amazing and are perfect bands to play festivals.

Anything you guys are looking forward to in Chengdu?

We really hope the people in Chengdu will like our music and we are also very looking forward to checking out the Chengdu cuisine!

See you in Chengdu!


Sparrow play Chengdu's New Little Bar on Saturday October 27th. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are 40 rmb in advance and 50 on the door. See you there!