Finding A Common Ground


Chengdumusic (CM): Hi Isbells, thanks for talking to us. You guys will tour in China at the end of May. What made you come to China?


Your welcome. We met this guy a while back in Germany who told us about his trip to China and how great it was and we hoped that we too would have this opportunity one day. We got some contacts from him and then one thing led to another …Coming to China is definitely a massive highlight since we started Isbells


CM: Your previous album “isbells” went gold in Belgium and led to you touring and playing the bigger festivals. Is going abroad the next step?

No, the next step will be about getting the most out of ourselves. On stage, on albums, with each other and with respect for the music. Everything besides that is a bonus. We hope we can touch people all over the world by doing this.


CM: The sophomore album 'Stoalin’ just came out in Europe. In what way does this album differ from the first one?

It's more diverse. Some tracks are very intimate and minimalistic whereas others use a lot of instruments and arrangements. There's a lot more room for joy and anger. It's also more dynamic; the first album was very soft, 'stoalin'' has got more edge, more drive.


CM: What inspired you for this album?

The struggles of life. Questions about the past the present and the future. After a very intense period, the release and success of the debut album we felt we needed a break.

I went on a trip to Spain with my familiy for two months. It gave me a lot of time to think about all that had happened. This album is very therapeutic, very personnal.


CM: What hopes do you have for the future of Isbells?

We hope that Isbells will be able to keep writing, recording, touring and releasing albums whilst doing what we love most; making music! Isbells has always been about love and respect, about being sincere …We hope it can last forever.


CM: You have any idea what is happening music-wise in China?

Really no idea but we're looking forward to getting to know China a lot more, it's music, the people, it's nature, the cities,the smells, the colours, the habits and the differences …


CM: We know that you guys plan to keep a diary about the food in China. Is there anything you especially want to try out?

We heard that food in China is delicious. We are very curious and looking forward to having a taste of all these Chinese delights we've been hearing about; although we might need some time to get used to them and adjust to the Chinese eating and drinking habits :) We want to find out how the real Chinese dumplings taste for example, or some shredded duck with duck sauce and all those deep fried snacks. We cant wait to try all the new flavours and experiences ...'


CM: Thanks guys! See you in Chengdu on the 25th!


Isbells play Chengdu's Little Bar on May 25th 2012. Support from Huang Jing. Check the bands website here and read up on further information here and here.