Fair Youth

CM: Maybeshewill will tour China with the new album “Fair Youth”. What makes Fair Youth different from previous Maybeshewill albums?

I think Fair Youth shares the intensity of the previous albums but achieves it in a different way. There’s perhaps more depth to the instrumentation, more textures than there has been before, and in that sense it’s a step onward in the direction our previous album took. We spent a lot of time recording additional instruments including string and brass sections, for which we did the arrangements ourselves. We recorded a real grand piano, and an accordion! On the whole the songs have a more positive feeling than our previous releases have.

CM: We see the new album is produced by your bass player, was that an obvious choice?

Jamie was an obvious choice to produce the new album on the merits of his production not just because he’s in the band. He produced our previous album, “I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone”, and did such a good job I don’t think we even considered anyone else. Jamie is very good at remaining objective when it comes to producing Maybeshewill, especially considering he also made big contributions to the writing and arrangements.

CM: Your new press release states that this is the most positive record up till now, what inspired you during the recordings?

When we started recording the album we’d just spent a lot of time touring, and a lot of the songs were written either in between tours or whilst we were away. I think a lot of inspiration comes form our experiences on tour, which are generally positive. Sometimes I think the general mood of post-rock music is uplifting, but often quite sombre sounding music. Although we don’t consider ourselves a straight post-rock band, it’s nice to go against the grain a bit in that respect.

CM: For people that have not yet seen Maybeshewill live, what do you think that they can expect?

We put a lot into our performances and people sometimes comment on our energy, I think it’s our way of translating a passion, or belief we have in the music we make. I think not having a singer means all five of us have an equal voice when it comes to performing our music, each piece of the puzzle as important as the other, and that’s a real nice feeling on stage.

CM: So why do you like touring so much?

The most rewarding part of playing in a band is travelling and playing your songs for people. We enjoy it, which is why we tour so much. It’s incredibly hard work, but we cherish the opportunity to play our music to as many people as possible. Playing to a room full of people and connecting on a personal level is a special thing.

CM:Maybeshewill did a tour in China two years ago, how was that experience?

Our first tour of China was a special experience. We didn’t really know what to expect as we didn’t know many people that had played there before, but the venues were great, the people were lovely, and the food was incredible.

CM: Do you know anything about Chengdu?

I have some friends that spent some time in Chengdu and they volunteered at the Panda research facility. Another friend lived there and was a teacher, so I’ve heard a little about the city. Also Jef from New Noise who books all our shows in China lives in Chengdu!

Thanks guys! See you at the show!

Maybeshewill present their 4th album in Chengdu's Little bar on Wednesday September 17th. Doors open 8pm.