DJ Krush Interview and Live Video

Chengdumusic (CM) : First off thanks for agreeing to do the interview Krush. You were here 5 years ago in Chengdu, would you say your style has changed in the last 5 years?

DJ Krush (K) : Yes! Were you here 5 years ago?

(CM) : Not me personally but some of the other people involved in Chengdumusic were, they said it was the best gig they've ever been to in Chengdu.
(K) :Ok. Well yes, I'd say one of the biggest differences between now and 5 years ago is that now I'm using serato instead of records. Also, in the last 5 years, I've become a lot more familiar with other instruments and studio technology that I use in my production.  


(CM) :Can you tell us about the things outside of djing and music that influence you nowadays?

(K) : Many things, us talking here now, kids smiling, random conversations with people, travelling to different countries, so many things influence me and the things I do.


(CM) :We see you are releasing a third track as part of the monthly single project. What's the inspiration behind the new track and how difficult is it to release a track a month?


(K) : (smiles) At the moment I've got so many individual tracks ready to go its really quite difficult for me to choose say 12 or 13 tracks to put on one album at a time, I have that many. It's difficult to know what to leave out and what to include, so releasing a track a month is not a real problem. 


(CM) :You've worked with alot of talented MC's, which MC's do you admire the most?


(K) : Boss the MC and MC Sibitt.... there's a few I admire

(CM) : We saw on your website that you've been known to play the occasional techno set. Can you tell us a little more and how well received were the shows?

(K) : I've played techno before for big events when theres been lots of djs on the line up, its not a regular thing though, I think alot of people are thinking, wow,  here's a hip hop artist doing techno but the response was interesting, I think they liked it and thought it was fun, its a change from the norm, you know, almost like a trick. 


(CM) : DJ Shadow was here a few weeks back playing on CDJ 2000s. Do you ever use cd decks and are you still good mates with DJ Shadow?


(K) : Yes, I've known Dj Shadow for a long time, we met in Tokyo, we are still good friends and no, I dont use CDJ's, never have.

(CM) : 20 years is a long time. Are there any standout moments in the last 20 years you can share with us?

(K) : In July this year I played a 7 hour set for a release show in Tokyo. It took me through a lot of the stuff I'd been involved with over the last 20 years. I'd say that was one of the most memorable recent times I can remember.
DJ Krush played Chengdu's Xiong Mao Live last Friday December 2nd. Here's a quick video taken on the night.