Crowdfund Our Brewery

Note: All proceeds from this funding campaign will go directly to Wang Rui (aka Geezer), to contribute to the rebuilding of his brewery.

With his own craft beer brand "Harvest Beer" Wang Rui has been a key figure over the past few years in the craft beer scene here in Chengdu. Harvest Beer has developed quite a reputation and is well known around town for it's pure taste and rich colour. It's been a welcome presence at many bars and parties over the years in Chengdu including the Made In Chengdu events and the Hemp House summer roof top parties amongst others. Last years newest introduction IPA compliments the existing wheat craft beer with a depth of flavour that's converted many a new "Harvest Beer" fan.

Wang Rui is originally from Chongqing and has been the king of craft beer here in Chengdu since 2010 when he began his own independent workshop Chengdu Harvest Brewery.

With the support of his wife he took out a mortgage to pursue the dream of running his own brewery, this dream took the shape of a small brewery in 2013. It's been a career of ups and downs, battling with Food and Drug administration regulations, various administrative difficulties not to mention the fact that Wang Rui and his wife were also expecting a baby during this time.

Late last year they welcomed the newest addition to the craft beer family into the world. Destined to be a beer lover, they gave him the nickname "tongtong" (the barrels used for brewing beer).

Early April 2015 their brewery had already been operational for 1 year. Having already jumped through all the administrative hoops and passed all the regulations required for them things were looking good but, as is often the case, the world can be too unfair sometimes.

On the 4th of April 2015 just days after passing their final inspection from the food and drug administrator a massive fire broke out and devoured the entire brewery.

The fire destroyed all of Wang Rui's hard work, and in one go wiped out Chengdu's Harvest Beer brewery.

Sometimes good can come from bad situations and this crowd funding campaign is evidence of a community coming together to help.

11 bars/live houses/clubs, 2 music labels, a crafts market/shop and a local VJ have all come together to contribute rewards to this campaign.


Below are the 16 rewards available.


●20元选项  感谢你一臂之力

20 yuan Thanks for your donation


●30元选项   5月2日晚9点蒸汽旅社“破”计划VOL2"啤酒就是力量"精酿啤酒一杯

5/2 The Steam Hostel, ProProject 2, 1 glass of Craft Beer


●50元选项   一山杂物新店 饮品或简餐50元代金券(6月使用)

yishanzawu- Drink or lite meal worth 50 yuan valid for June



100 yuan rewards:

❶TAG: 5/8日(五)“支持王睿再造一个啤酒线”的义演活动,DJ名单待定。
5/8 Tag Brewery Charity Party Ticket
 ❷ Morning早上好酒吧:民主路店或三圣乡店茶水1个月免费(每天1人次)
 Morning Bar, 1 month of Tea (valid for 1 per day)
Mist music label, free entry to 1 of any future events
The Beer nest II 3 Glasses of Chengdu Craft beer
Mingtang records 2 albums (contributed by Mist)
❻VJ Hibanana:最新视觉作品印刷品一份
VJ Hibanana latest visual art,  printed copy
 VJ Hibanana 作品
GetInline-1 GetInline
The Hemphouse, 1 cocktail and 1 copy of a chengdu various underground music compilation record
❽坚果live house 5月2日 Howie B门票一张
Nuts Live house 5/2 Howie B 1 ticket
Here we go bar - free entry to all events valid for 6mths

➓小酒馆(限芳沁店)提供 4月30日至5月10日 乐堡啤酒一打

 Little Bar (Fangxin) 1 dozen beer Valid from April 30 - May 10

⓫317  发起的任何活动在今年内每次免一人次门票

317 Folk Bar, Free entry to all events this year, valid for 1 person per event

12: 马丘比丘(品尚店)可领取两次免费门票,含一只啤酒(限五月内)

Machu Picchu, (pingShang) 2 Free tickets and 1 Free beer

13: 潜水艇酒吧领取嘉士伯啤酒一打 5月30日截至

Submarine Bar, 1 dozen Carlsberg, Valid until May 30


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For more detailed information on how to contribute to this great cause go directly to zaomengshe's website by clicking here.