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Ash played a fantastic set at Chengdu's Big Love music festival last Saturday night, we managed to grab a quick interview with them a few minutes after they came off stage. Thanks a million to the guys for giving us the time as they we're up in a just a few hours time to fly to the UK for the Isle of Wight Festival.

 The band is made up of:


Tim Wheeler – lead vocals, lead guitar, piano/keyboards.

Mark Hamilton – bass, synthesizer.

Rick McMurray – drums, percussion, backing vocals.

Asking the questions for are Rob, Fran and Dan.


CM: Is this your first time over in China?


Tim: Yeah, it's weird, our first show and we're playing this massive production stage.


CM: Is this your only Chinese show?


Tim: Yeah it's just a one off, we're playing the Isle of Wight festival on Sunday so we have to get back for that.

CM: What's the difference between playing at western music festivals and playing a Chinese festival?


Tim: It's our first time here so it's quite hard to say but I guess here not many people would know us, but the ones that are here seemed pretty into it. It seemed like some people had travelled quite far for it as well from around China.


 Rick: Sounds pretty crazy after 20 years but it's good to get your foot in the door. It's pretty exciting.


 CM: So this was a big thing then, you had to impress everybody over here.


 Tim: This was our big moment (in China) to impress everyone so yeah I guess so.


 CM: It seemed to go very well.


Tim: It went really well yeah.


Mark: It's cool cause they are filming it too so hopefully it will make it onto television.

Mark: It's quite strange when you come to a country for the first time and certainly when you have no idea of whether there is an audience there or not, because it's not like they have traditional record labels here yet.


Tim: It's not very connected to the UK, I guess with there being no Facebook and that, it's hard to know. It was good to see so many people turn up and a lot knew the words and stuff.


Mark: I think there might have been a lot of people at the show who knew how to speak English.


CM: Have you managed to listen to any Chinese bands whilst you've been here?


Rick: We've heard a few from back stage.


Tim: We don't really know them too well, it seems like a lot of Hybrid stuff.


Rick: There seems to be so many western styles even in one song. They go between so many different styles, it's quite bonkers but it's cool.


CM: What do you think of this music festival?


Rick: They have great production here, the sound and the stage, there was nothing wrong with the production. I think they are still learning as they go. We will go back and say we had a good time and our manager and agent will speak highly of it too. I think China has really opened up to international artists.


CM: Do you have any plans to return to China?


Mark: Yeah this will hopefully set things up for us in China, we might be coming back next year. I think what we want to do is come back and do some club shows in the major cities. You know 500/600 capacity venues and build a crowd that way.


Rick: We're coming back to Asia in August and playing South Korea, possibly some other shows we don't know yet.


CM: It's a festival in August is it?


Rick: Yeah it's called Pentaport. It's a big one, my manager is trying to sort me out a DJ gig there too.


CM: Tell him to get you better beer next time (I point to the cans of Snow they are drinking). This is bad stuff.

Band: Laughs and cheersing beer cans all round.

Ash have a brand new EP out now, details can be found here. will keep you posted on any future Ash shows in China.

 A full festival review is coming soon.


Bobby B.




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